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Harris XG-75P Documentation

Welcome to TAC 1 Systems knowledge and information repository for Harris XG-75P radios. In the course of our business, we often have to find and reference various manuals, schematics, spec sheets and other technical documentation. As a service to our clients, we are making an effort to catalog these documents and make them available to you as well. Please note that any and all documents posted here are the property of their respective creators/owners and that TAC 1 Systems makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of any information within these documents.

If you are looking for parts or accessories for the Harris XG-75P, please feel free to browse our online catalog:

Harris XG-75P Accessories & Parts

Documentation catalog:

pdficon.pngHarris XG-75P Datasheet.pdf

pdficon.pngHarris XG-75P Operator's Manual - 14221-1100-2010 Rev.J Aug 2017.pdf

pdficon.pngHarris XG-75P Quick Guide - EDACS-Conventional-P25.pdf

pdficon.pngHarris XG-75P Quick Guide - OpenSky.pdf